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Fred Hodder

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Fred Hodder


I grew up with photography, in the West, Colorado and Wyoming. My life's travels took me to many corners of the globe, Japan, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, the English countryside. Landscapes, panoramas, the natural world were all subjects to my cameras.

Composite Images

For me the classic photograph was unable to capture the chaos, the energy, the dynamism of a modern-day metropolis. Edward Steichen shot his photograph of the Flatiron Building in New York in 1906. Berenice Abbott documented the city a hundred years ago. How was I to reflect with originality the uncertainties, the complexities of today's society?


I began to experiment with composite photography, combining multiple photographs into one image. This has allowed me to grasp the overlapping sensations, the conflicting perceptions that one experiences as one navigates the urban cross streets. I also learned to introduce abstraction and varied composition that is not available to the classic still photographer.

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