Eva Bovenzi

In 2016, Eva Bovenzi was awarded an NEA fellowship at the Pt. Reyes National Seashore that brought artists and writers together for a residency on the theme of climate change.  While there, Bovenzi began thinking about cycles of time: cosmic, geologic, biologic and human.  As she collected stones on her hikes along the coast, she realized that they were literal time capsules, revealing both how they were formed and also what had happened to them over time.  Bovenzi based the forms of the collages she made at Pt. Reyes on stones and imbedded each with a horizontal “timeline” which is a reference to her own mark in the cycles of time.  Works from 2017, called “Chalcedonies”, are also on exhibition.  Although not specifically referencing Pt. Reyes National Seashore, they are also based on the shapes and structures of stones.


Eva Bovenzi lives and works in El Cerrito and spends her summers in southern Colorado. Bovenzi achieved her MFA at California College of the Arts and has exhibited extensively in California, Colorado and throughout the Western United States. 



Tues - Sat 11-5    760 Santa Fe Drive - Denver, CO 80204 - (303) 635-6255  info@michaelwarrencontemporary.com  

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