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Eva Bovenzi

Eva Bovenzi 

These paintings represent the confluence and transformation of the things Iʼve looked at most deeply in nature and art.

I spend summers in rural Colorado where I pass my days in the company of birds and insects. My observations of their wings, carapaces, feathers and cocoons inform the images in many of these works.

The historic art Iʼve looked at most deeply is from pre-Renaissance Europe: Byzantine icons and mosaics, Romanesque frescoes, illuminated manuscripts. The colors, space and strong sense of narrative in these works continue to inspire me. So do Indian miniatures. Lately, Iʼve been looking at Native American traditional art such as Hopi katsinas, Navaho sand paintings and Huichol yarn and bead works. I am drawn to the powerful abstraction in this work, and the way the visual elements and symbology function together to express a world view. I believe that the language of abstract art can still carry some of that charge.

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