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Tina Suszynski

Tina Suszynski was born in Philadelphia and raised on a barrier island in southern New Jersey where she became a student of a local artist and art educator. This relationship lasted through elementary and high school and allowed her to experiment with media not available in the typical public school art class. Heeding the advice of the adults around her, however, Suszynski did not pursue an art degree. Instead, she earned a B.A. in International Studies, spending a year studying in Paris where she visited the Louvre every week to soak in as much art as possible. She went on to law school and eventually settled in Chicago after discovering that the beauty of Lake Michigan and its seagulls could mollify her feelings of loss after leaving her island refuge. She eventually stopped practicing law to rededicate herself to the world of art and make more time for family. Suszynski now lives in the Denver metropolitan area where she is a full-time artist.

Suszynski has spent a lot of time honing her technique by attending the highest quality workshops and classes whenever possible. She has taken figure drawing at the Art Institute of Chicago, figure sculpture (and many other classes) at the Evanston Art Center, and workshops given by Robin Hopper, Eric Jensen, Jun Kuneko, Paul Soldner, Lana Wilson, Stan Welsh, Benjamin Lira, Martha Russo, Rick Parsons, Trey Hill and Mark Newport. Suszynski has been a resident artist at Valor Arts+Media and AIR Vallauris in France. Additionally, she initiated an artist-invite-artist group that has done residencies in Red Lodge, Montana, and Curamilla, Chile. In 2019, she became a member of Artnauts, a socially and politically based art collective that shows internationally. 

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