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Teresa Booth Brown

portrait at bennington.jpg

Teresa Booth Brown

We are excited to present new works by Teresa Booth Brown. Brown created these works as part of an ongoing study into the meditative and restorative potential found in the experience of looking at and making abstract art. Teresa begins her work with elements of collage on panels. After meditating on the original forms, she builds up and tears down layers of paint, collage, and drawing, developing strong geometries of thinly veiled colors. Her background as a patternmaker is evident in the layers she forms, from sheer to opaque, revealing the underlying surface imagery, like memories.


“The paintings are like little lives that grow, change, and evolve until finally achieving their own identity,” explains Brown. She sees her process as “a chance to make order out of chaos.” Listening to Brown, one feels that she and her work are almost collaborators, attempting to reveal a final visual truth.


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