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Sara Ransford: Winter Contours
January 22 - March 2, 2019
Opening Reception, Friday January 25 (6-8pm)
First Friday Art Walks, February 1 & March 1 (6-9pm)
Third Friday Art Reception, February 15 (6-8pm)
Blue Snow in Winter .jpg

'Blue Snow in Winter' by Sara Ransford, porcelain paper clay

My work and my process is about discovering mystery- those magical places that resonate with each of us individually…This current body of work was influenced while winter traveling through the northwest last year. As I descended from the close up views of the snowy white river beds, to the the moss covered majestic trees, under the magical winter sun, I was so impacted once again by waters ability to so completely change a landscape. Or -from a birds eye view, how  current irrigation practices are redefining earths surface, influencing my crop circle studies.


This work is about the way we pay attention the details, to that ah-hah moment. That moment when you come across something so astounding you stop dead in your tracks to look, discover, question, view AND create. 

Sara Ransford

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