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MindFunk v2.0

paintings by Robert Brinker


September 15-October 17

reception September 18th (4-8pm)

We are excited to present these paintings by Robert Brinker. MindFunk v2.0 is the second iteration body of work that consists of paintings, collages, drawing and a large archival print on watercolor paper. Each piece may range in size from as small as 7x7” to as large as 8’ in length.


Brinker says of the work, “The MindFunk collages started as my response to a previous body of work entitled Chasing Dragons. They were made from leftover fragments from a couple of dozen large-scale cut paper dragons as well as cloud shapes. The process of selecting which fragment went where was a pretty fluid and spontaneous process where I would oftentimes rely on placing together similar colors or shapes as a way to start building layered surfaces. This was also the beginning of my practice where I started to move away from a more traditional form of art that relied on the common square or rectangle format to a more random form of work without straight edges or uniform sizes. “

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