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Richard Eisen

Richard Eisen at Michael Warren Contemporary

Richard Eisen



The Forest gives us an experience of birth, growth, decrepitude, death, and decay. From these stages a rebirth occurs. My photographic image constructions
represent a rebirth from decay, a chance to redirect from the object’s identity to the possibility that what we are looking at can be seen as either a microcosm or a macro landscape viewed from above.

In the making of this work, a regeneration and alchemy happens: the image of death is reborn into something mysterious and beautiful. While the initial burst of a flower’s bloom is dramatic, it is also transient, gradually becoming something entirely different each day until it is no longer in transition and eventually becomes dust.


My work is intrinsically connected to the natural world, dancing between hyper-realism and abstraction, the micro and the macro. The effect of these images brings the viewer in to question what we see both in the image and in the real world


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