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Not So Far From Here: Sculpture by Jeff Baldus, Photography by Paul Sisson, Paintings by Meghan Wilbar


Feb 3 - Mar 7, 2015

Michael Warren Contemporary (MWC) presents Jeff Baldus, Paul Sisson and Meghan Wilbar in the gallery. Each artist showcases work that reflects their unique experiences living in the Midwest and Mountain States.


Jeff Baldus , lives and teaches in Sioux City, IA.  His background as ceramist informs his recent sculptural works.  Baldus works in a variety media: clay, fiber, metals, stones and woods to develop a deeply personal narrative.


Paul Sisson, lives and works in Arvada, CO. His series of photographs, for which the show is named, showcase his dedication to documenting the Western landscape as he finds it. 


Meghan Wilbar lives and works in Denver, CO. Her abstracted paintings capture color and light in the physical terrain of the Western landscape.  


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