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Marietta Patricia Leis Resonance
Mark Rediske Nebula

Allison Stewart Natural Wonders II


September 8, 2015 – October 17, 2015

Michael Warren Contemporary (MWC) presents LUMENS, three concurrent shows:


Resonance:  Marietta Patricia Leis lives and works in Albuquerque, NM. Leis produces luminous color field paintings on uniquely constructed panels – the glazes of oil produce a vibration of light and color that evokes a feeling akin to listening to music or poetry.  Leis invites viewers to think about how the artwork makes them feel without encumbrance of suggested meaning or challenge to interpret implied narrative.  


Nebula: Mark Rediske lives and works Seattle, WA. Rediske’s encaustic paintings are produced with layer after layer of pigment in wax. Color and light are key components of his work. The surface treatment allows the works to glow, seemingly from within.  Rediske’s exhibit is made up of several multi-panel works, including the 25 panel “Nebula.”


Natural Wonders II: Allison Stewart splits her time between studios in New Orleans and Snowmass. Stewart presents paintings from her ongoing series, “Natural Wonders.” Stewart’s expressive abstractions come to life with bold colors layered one on top of another. The paintings are dynamic renderings that capture her sense of wonder as she studies the beauty of nature and rich landscapes of Louisiana and Colorado.



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