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Kely McClung

Kely McClung


As an artist who frequently finds myself in the narrow confines of a city's darkest streets and alleys, I find myself searching for both commentary and perspective that might rarely be appreciated.

Struck by the extreme contrasts of dark and light, the geometric form and weight of the city's massive structures against the ethereal light and infinite sky, the representation of wealth and grandeur within the lofty architecture as played against the reality of infrastructure and the detritus of the streets, "FALLING UP" is my attempt at exploring the concept of a mutually dependent existence.

On their own, I hope the graphic composition of the images impart a sense of motion, while the detail and minutia of texture and pattern create a rhythm of exploration for the eye and mind. In series, I was reaching for an ancient, almost alien, hieroglyphical alphabet with language sensed if not yet understood.


These images, shot in the alleys and dead-end streets of Chicago, come close to recreating the feeling I had when exploring the dark shadows and then looking up in awe at what man's dreams can accomplish, the feelings of hope and excitement, and the delirious sense of falling up!


"Falling Up - Chicago" is the first of 4 cities being explored with similar perspective. Look for New York, London, and Hong Kong in upcoming exhibitions.

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