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Drips, Drops, Pours and Spins

Artwork by Raul de la Torre, Quintin Gonzalez, William Loveless & Melanie Rothschild

Oct 14 - Nov 22, 2014

Raul de la Torre, a Catalonian artist now living in Los Angeles, begins with brightly-colored paint sequences on canvas. De la Torre then cuts out sections of his work only to reestablish the composition by embroidering yarns to match the colors of the paints.


Quintin Gonzalez,  a professor at CU Denver, creates perspective within his works by merging techniques to create painterly abstractions contrasted with hard-edged laser cuts into paint “skins.”


William Loveless lives in the Yucca Valley of southern California. His glue paintings present a patterned realm of action and reaction. They involve a wet-on-wet technique which yields a luminous surface of milky translucence in which richly-hued inks and watercolors are suspended.


Melanie Rothschild, a Los Angeles-based artist, takes seemingly spontaneous paint pours, let’s them dry as skins and then uses them as constructive elements to make her final compositions, on panel, metal fabrications, and suspended in air.

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