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Deb Adams-Welles

In High Fidelity

reverberations hums buzzes breath

vacillation / oscillation

reverberations hums buzzes breath  

frequency vibration

staccato tessellation

revvveeerrbberations   hums buzzes breath

A perceptual activation




Deb Adams-Welles

With an interest in perceptual overlaps in music and visual art, Adams-Welles's recent body of work considers the idea of high fidelity and its discernible quality of perception. Substituting textiles for paint, a visual 'breath' is conjured with a multitude of textures adding to the viewing experience in the same way one senses vibrations when hearing music.  The surfaces here are 'uncompressed' and reflect and absorb light differently than if paint were the primary medium.  Polyrhythms play with one's perception and require active viewing where a sense of foreground and background is constantly being negotiated. This playful back and forth between visual frequencies engages proprioception, the sense of self movement and body position.  (which is know to lead to dancing...)



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