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Day to Night
Artwork by Robert Brinker, Haley Bates, Ted Laredo
Jan 2 - Jan 31, 2015

In Day to Night Bates, Brinker, and Laredo explore psychology in the act of viewing and relationships of material with the immaterial. Each artist employs light (and winter’s lack thereof) in their work.

Shadow Study: Haley Bates makes site-specific sculptural works that rely on light in the spaces they inhabit. Bates’ works draw attention to the ephemeral nature of ownership – as the light diminishes in the space, so do the shadows they produce. 

Mind Maze: Robert Brinker paints vivid abstractions that weave ribbons of color in and out of neutral grounds. Brinker’s paintings hint at appropriated narratives, but ultimately are boundless mazes that only hint at their true complexity.

After Glow: Ted Laredo produces saturated color fields and line drawings that are purposefully minimal. Laredo is concerned with the act of experiencing his works without the distraction of deciphering meaning or content. Mono-diptychs, Laredo’s works are covered in phosphorescent micro beads that read different ways throughout the day and then shimmer with an ethereal inner-light at night.

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