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exhibition by gallery artists

The year’s opening exhibit marks the moment with works that range from contemplative to celebratory.  There is a quiet sensitivity with the contemplative works of the main gallery – artists seem to suggest elements of water, earth, air, and light. These elegant works focus on healing and mindfulness, offering a reflection of the moment and a meditation for the new year.  In the Project Space, the exhibit continues with colorful, celebratory works by artists with anticipation of the future.  In the Bridge Space, we will have a concurrent exhibit, Daydreams of Infinity, showcasing photography by Liz Hickok. Hickok’s microenvironments are created with crystals growing on cardboard, foam core and wire mesh. Liz’s work reminds viewers of the balance of urban infrastructure with the delicate, but potentially consumptive properties of nature.

Following COVID-19 distancing guidelines, a maximum of 8 guests (in addition to gallery staff) will be invited into the gallery at any given time.


For your safety and comfort, we are happy to make appointments outside of regular shopping hours. Contact the gallery at 303-635-6255 or email at

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