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Absurd Art for Absurd Times

pop-up with Margaret Lawless

August 24-August 30


Margaret Lawless is taking over the gallery space to use it as a factory for works in progress.  She will be working on a large scale work and hopes to engage viewers to help her do some of the data collection.   Lawless will also use the space to perform and engage in some absurd art activities that call to mind the work of the Bay Area Conceptualists.  On Wednesday, August 26th, Margaret will re-create Tom Marioni's "Beer with an artist" (exactly as it sounds, sign-up required.) 

beer with an artist

Wednesday, August 26 (4-8pm)

Following COVID-19 distancing guidelines, a maximum of 10 guests (in addition to artists and gallery staff) will be invited into the gallery at any given time. In order to attend the Wednesday 

beer-with-an-artist, please register for a 30-minute time period during which you can enjoy your beer and your visit in comfort.

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