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Layered Perspectives

Sept 9 - October 11, 2014

Michael Warren Contemporary (MWC) presents Stanley Bell, Angela Berkson, and Teresa Booth Brown — three artists with very different takes on achieving perspective. 


Stanley Bell creates architecturally-driven perspective paintings, then obliterates the work with graffiti and pop imagery. His additive process of combining paint with collage and detritus results in colorful layered topographies that burst forth with youthful energy.


Angela Berkson seduces viewers with her use of luscious pigments bound in beeswax. Her seemingly simple compositions are, in truth, complex explorations in layering colors and shapes, as well as her examination of the interplay between universal and personal symbols.


Teresa Booth Brown begins with an element of collage on panel, then builds up and tears down her oil paintings over and over again, developing strong geometries of thinly veiled colors that reveal the underlying surface imagery, like memories.


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