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May 13 - June 14, 2014

Opening reception May 15 (6-9pm)

Collector's Friday May 16 (6-9pm)

First Friday June  6 (6-9pm)

Mike McClung and Warren Campbell launch their new gallery, Michael Warren Contemporary (MWC), with a group show introducing the gallery artists. The show presents signature works by a dozen artists from the area and introduces about 20 artists from across the country.


Warren says, “The gallery will present contemporary artwork with emphasis on materials and process. Our roster of gallery artists will eventually expand to about 50 artists, with roughly 2/3 coming from outside the region.”


Additionally, MWC will showcase highlights from the van Straaten Gallery and Riverhouse Editions, consigned collections of literally thousands of fine art prints, with works by notable artists including: John Baldessari, Jennifer Bartlett, Lynda Benglis, Mel Bochner, Judy Chicago, Al Held, Alex Katz, Patsy Krebs, Sol LeWitt, Andrea Modica, Zachariah Rieke, Donald Sultan, and Fred Tomaselli.

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