Dallas Parkins, Jr.


These photographs are the works of Dallas Parkins Jr., who lives in Denver.


To Parkins, the Colorado mountains, skies, and plains feel normal due to being born and raised in Montana. Growing up around machines, construction, heavy equipment, and farmers and ranchers, gives perspective and appreciation for our physical world, how things work, what's inside, what's outside.

Sign Down

I began noticing post-traumatic signs in my travels and daily life three years ago and have allowed the series to develop synchronistically. As former sentinels, way-pointers, keepers of public safety and generous information givers, downed signs communicate with us from their prone, solitary, diminished state. Some tragic, some amusing, they seem both mirror and metaphor for our human existence.       


Sometimes there is enough indication on a face or in a circumstance that we can imagine what led up to this moment; we can almost see the events and aftermath play out in our mind's eye like a film reel. Each Sign Down is a documentarian of a time-span or a moment representing regret, anger, inattention, embarrassment, neglect, victim of circumstance. Like hapless characters, these poignant markers lie in elegant repose upon their landscape as perfect abstract compositions. They rest upon tiny islands, muddy medians, overgrown shoulders and grassy knolls. Oblivious to the Signs Down in our midst, to their state of being and implied suffering -- we are also often oblivious to our fellow humans. This series is a reminder of the philosophical, spiritual and entertainment value of paying attention!

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