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Brenda Biondo


Brenda Biondo

Sun to Earth

Brenda Biondo reveals a variety of approaches to investigating how atmospheric light colors our world and influences our interaction with nature. In “A Legacy of Shadows,” the images engage the phenomena of sunlight to provide a framework for our meditative experience of being in nature. "A Legacy of Shadows" is concerned with the fracturing of nature and the poignancy of acknowledging beauty in a time of destruction, and is informed by her previous career as a writer specializing in environmental issues. The naturally blue shadows in these images show how the act of looking can sometimes reveal unexpected aspects of light and the natural world.


Other pieces  are part of a new body of work influenced by the recently built James Turrell Skyspace in Green Mountain Falls, CO, and reflect Biondo’s interest in exploring the ephemeral and contemplative qualities of the sky. Also included are photographic grids and digital constructions that reveal Biondo’s interest in modernist formality and aesthetics as well as her practice of using photographs in unconventional ways.

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