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The Nascent & Tent Shadows

pop-up with Angela Faris Belt & Nathan Abels

August 31-September 6


Angela is working on a series of photograms of entire young aspen trees, pulled by the roots on the artist's property, and set to expose in the sun for several hours using the wet cyanotype process. During exposure, watercolor paper coated with traditional cyanotype is wet with other chemicals—acids and bases—to produce subtle color and depth to the images. The resulting image is fleeting and must be photographed to remain. The prints at the gallery will be artist proofs, some on silk panels and others on watercolor paper. 


While Angela takes over the gallery, she will be working on gold leafing the lines in photographs of tree stumps she made on her property. 

At the same time, Nathan Abels (represented by Rule Gallery) will be showing his ongoing series of work, "tent shadows"  in the space with Angela and will be around to talk about his work and show you elements of his process. Angela and Nathan both teach art and are eager to show their work together.

The Deconstructed

pop-up with Richard Eisen


September 7-September 12

Richard Eisen is fascinated with an alchemic conversion that often occurs when an artist points his/her creative force towards an object or idea.  In the case of the Deconstructed series this conversion happens somewhere between the collection of materials and objects. Eisen's determination of the validity of their expressive qualities, the creation of the original still life and the digital process of applying “paint” to the image that the camera captures.
Richard Eisen will exhibit ready to sell, seven new works in a new medium format, 30”x40” acrylic face mounted images, along with smaller framed works. Eisen will be in the gallery working on unfinished works and can show you his process. On Friday evening, September 11th Richard will host a gallery reception (sign-up required.)

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