All of us are affected by COVID-19. Our hearts go out to some in our circle who are fighting the virus, and to the many whose businesses, incomes, and very livelihoods are in jeopardy. This challenging time will test our resilience and support for family and community.


As owners of a small business, Warren & I continue working behind the scenes; we are placing more and more artists’ worksonto our websiteArtsyFacebook, and Instagram. We recognize that our mandate as gallerists is to support the hard careers that our artists lead as they work to enrich all of our lives through art.


If your own situation has you “nesting” and staring at blank walls, please reach out to us. We will help you find the work that is right for you…that speaks to you and that works in your home. If you email us a snapshot of your blank walls, we will identify art that works in your home/office. 

Mike and Warren

Tues - Sat 11-5    760 Santa Fe Drive - Denver, CO 80204 - (303) 635-6255  

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Gwen Laine