Stanley Bell

"Stanley Bell brings to his art the whole of his life experience. His work reflects both the iconography of his urban upbringing and the obvious influence of the natural beauty that surrounds him now, as a resident of Carbondale, Colorado. While the architectural forms and energy of city life are important elements of his pieces, Bell is clearly enjoying his current surroundings, incorporating the colors, shapes, and light of a mountain landscape.


The visual impact of Bell’s final work is a result of a dedicated process of building up and breaking down layers of paint and adding elements of collage, graffiti, printmaking, and other media. His art embodies the multi-layered existence that we alllead, both figuratively and literally — we see the base layer of a painting, the final layer, and all layers in between. Bell says, “I like stuff showing through. love showing the process.”

Tues - Sat 11-5    760 Santa Fe Drive - Denver, CO 80204 - (303) 635-6255  

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