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Quintin Gonzalez

Quintin Gonzales


The methods in which I create my artwork is profoundly affected by the sheer fluidity and absolute sensitivity of the interplay between painting, drawing and new media. These works are expressions of my trust in the power of chance and impulse to imbue the work I do with expressions that are a direct manifestation of my experiences with the act of exploring the power of experimental form.


In my work, I look for a means to take both simple and complex methods of working with materials to create a humanistic design to the elements of visual form. In a sense, to have works that emanate from an authentic human experience that reflects the nuances of life.


For me, pure abstraction is the imbuing of the visual elements of a work of art with the vitality of the artist's spirit through non-figuration. In pure abstraction that act becomes profoundly visible. Though there many changes, innovations and types of abstraction, the act of allowing the very essence of a work of art to be imbued with the meditations and passions of the artist occurs in all great abstraction.

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