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Ann Marie Auricchio


Ann Marie Auricchio


My work is an attempt to give voice to the intangible place in which we process our human journey. I am interested in our perceptions of experiences, and the complexities of emotional and cognitive associations we make with our world. The imagery materializes from the convergence of frenetic energy, anxiety, meditation, history, memory, and a response to both physical and psychological places.

Working in abstraction allows me a freedom and a challenge to everything that has a clear methodology to achieve an end result. It is a space of metaphor enabling us to confront deep emotional, physical, and psychological experiences. The paintings express a tumultuous complexity while working towards a resolved scenario.


In a time dominated by technology, information and noise, I very consciously choose to work in the visceral medium of paint to anchor myself, the viewer, and the work to the natural material world. I enjoy its tie to the past, and believe in its ability as a medium to endure.


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