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Ann Marie Auricchio

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Ann Marie Auricchio


Utilizing abstraction to explore and express complex thematic elements of the human experience, Auricchio’s works present cycles of growth and development marked by transformation. Relying on the antithetical and yet intertwined textures, rhythms, and processes of both the man made and the natural world to articulate an innermost journey, the work is an invitation to explore complexities of emotional and psychological struggles while showing how beauty may be found in the most unlikely places. Leaning into the tension between the strength of the natural world and the fragility of the self, Auricchio finds a balance between chaos and serenity. This allows her to become more conscious of individual perception and provides a space for interconnection and healing.

Ann Marie Auricchio (b. 1972, New York, NY) is a painter and installation artist living and working in New Orleans, Louisiana. After graduating from the Maryland Institute College of Art where she double-majored in painting and sculpture, Auricchio merged her disciplines as a scenic artist and designer for film, theater and television. During her 25-year tenure in the entertainment industry, she led and executed monumental projects for award-winning classics such as Requiem for a Dream, Broadway’s Lion King, and mega-films like John Wick. In 2019, Auricchio closed that chapter and embraced her studio practice full time. Since then she has exhibited works nationally in both commercial and institutional galleries, realized a 90ft multi-media installation at the Contemporary Art Center New Orleans, and completed the prestigious Joan Mitchell Center Residency (2021-2022). Auricchio’s work belongs to several corporate collections, including: Azamara Cruise Lines and the Scott Companies.


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